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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Underoath's Disambiguation Album

Mugician finally appeared on an album on a major label.
To my great surprise, it's one of the top metalcore bands; the very intense "screamo" genre. And one that happens to be Christian at that, the most extreme metal I have ever heard come from a band that makes this claim. So, it's unique in a lot of ways. This band recently lost a drummer that was equated with the future of the band, but the album is *extremely* well received. It had a pure 5 star rating last I checked. The night of its release, they were hosting headbanger's ball on MTV2.

I lucked out and got in contact with Chris Dudley before they came to my state.
I travelled four hours to their show, where he comped me for tickets for my wife and myself. After the show we went out for dinner to mostly talk about the state of iOS based instruments, and exchange ideas.

This is clearly a band that is rising in stature, and basking in the glory of a good release!

So, I kid you not when I say that this is an instrument designed for the real world. This does get used live and in the studios of people that make music for a living. Whatever Mugician's shortcomings, I always get kudos for stubbornly sticking to being expressive under the fingers. People that use this on stage give me kudos for cutting out the visual bull that will only be taxed back in latency. Other instruments will give you a gaggle of sampled sounds and on-board effects. But I suggest you think of it like an electric guitar before you run it through a pile of effects that you have chosen for the tune at hand.