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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Strategy

I am confident that this form-factor is the most practical layout for an iPad instrument, and one of the few that makes fretless music reasonably easy. There will be multiple instruments that pick up this form factor in the future - it's the only thing that really works with the iPad in terms of ergonomics. I am going to let this version go free until I can figure out how to drive demand - and possibly post a "pro" version (that gets updates) for the people that want to support my efforts with purchases.

Idea: Most people have the free version, post videos of their skills. The more dedicated players might be buying more advanced Mugician-like instruments - like a +10 skill mad broadsword...

I float around #100 (10/day) in music with any price, but hit #4 (2000/day) while it was free; so maybe building a community around this blog and youtube will work. The distribution is exponentially clustered around the top, so being at #100 seems kind of pointless.

The plan is to attempt to aggregate videos of people playing this instrument, getting better as more people practice it. To build a community around this kind of instrument - which could end up being a different app which is similar.

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