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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bug Hunt!

1.7 is out! It should alleviate the 1.6 pain. I could have either held it for one more week of testing without changes, or did what I did - and released it as good enough for wider feedback.

I am collecting every imperfection that I find up on the tutorial channel. There are a few spots in the space of possible slider settings to avoid. Bug #1 is already fixed in my local setup. See the app support url for more details.

The plan is to release 1.8 long after the last bug is found, and to not change the sound so that you don't have to worry about doing an update to it. I will have to decline if you would like one more feature. 1.8 is supposed to simply polish what is there and move on to new ideas.

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  1. very fun app, but now crashes as soon as settings unlocked under ios42

  2. Delete it completely from your iPad, delete it from the computer you sync with and re-sync. Mugician is now completely gone. Now just get it from the store again.

    Somebody else had this problem (but I can't reproduce it). I am pretty sure that it is caused by the old settings file being in a state that crashes under the new OS. So just start clean with Mugician and it should clear up right away.

    I remember noticing this bug in the code, but I uninstalled/re-installed so often that I never encountered the problem.